Recreate a Period look or create your own design. We have a wonderful range of colours and design options, making these 'Olde English' encaustic tiles the perfect tool. Interior & exterior use These full body porcelain tiles are

METRO / SUBWAY AND SMALL Sizes: Traditional 75x150, Mini 65x130, Popular 75x300, Elongated 65x400, and many more in between Plus Small Format Cuadrado Tiles (100x100, 120x120, 132x132, 150x150)Finishes: Matt or Gloss, Flat or Bevel, Straight Edge o

Different profiles, sizes and textures of glass, metal, porcelain, ceramic and natural stone. 

An extensive range of beautiful decorative wall and floor tiles

A variety of Hexagonal tiles and Octagonal with Inserts in different sizes and colours

Larger Format Porcelain :Polished and Matt in various shades and textures for larger areasWe have a full colour range of Porcelain tiles in 600x600, 1200x600 and 1200x1200 for walls or floors

Creamy colours of Creme de la crem and Crema Marfil, the old white and greys of Carrara to the sugary black of Nero Marquena.

Warm and textured, elegant or rustic. Shades of creams to brown,greys and pinks. Honed & filled, unfilled & tumbled in various sizes  

SANDSTONE : A sedimentary rock composed essentially of quartz grains.The youngest of the quartz based stones. Versatile and non slip. Various colours from brown & green hues to pinks. Natural sandstone tiles have variation in thick

TERRACOTTA:Sizes available- 200x200x20 rustic, 300x300x20 rustic, 300x300x10 straight edged, 500x500x14 straight edged*{box-sizing:border-box;}body{margin-top:0px;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:0px;margin-left:0px;}

LIMESTONE :  Elegant colours from light creamy to antique gold.

75x150 Ceramic House Numbers. Limited Stock. In Black, Blue or Green. With or without Top & Bottom Borders